Augmented Reality

Enhanced training in the real world.

Our augmented reality apps can enhance and engage adult learning in exciting new ways.

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Augmented reality can enhance your training


Augmented Reality for Oil & Gas Training

Our AR software can enhance learning and improve informational awareness by allowing employees to visualize, manipulate, scale, and explore mining equipment, drill rigs, and other large objects using their phone or tablet. AR brings objects to the user and allows them to feel like the equipment is part of the environment itself...even when they are sitting down at a desk miles away from the job site. This cost-effective approach to learning saves time and dramatically promotes engagement and retention.


Improving Efficiency Through AR

AR quickly provides additional information for real-world objects. Using smart-glasses or AR goggles, an employee can see an exploded view of an aircraft engine or highlighted parts for a warehouse conveyor installation procedure, all while working in a real-time situation. This information can dramatically improve efficiency, no more referring to paper repair manuals or looking up maintenance procedures on the internet. Information is overlaid directly on top of the user's environment, making their job much easier.

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