Transform Your Company Culture Using VR Safety Training

Take your safety training to the next level with My Virtual Safety Trainer (MVST).

MVST is an immersive training program consisting of over 130 off-the-shelf, safety eLearning courses that incorporate VR simulations and gamified experiences.

Develop a Productive and Skilled Workforce

My Virtual Safety Trainer™ (MVST) is an Immersive training platform designed to help you attract, onboard, and upskill employees while improving more than just your bottom line.

Supporting Total Worker Safety™

Designed With the Learner in Mind

MVST courses utilize the latest in virtual reality, gamification, and interactive simulations to engage learners and increase content retention.  The gap between memorizing a fact or technique, and applying it to a real-world situation begins to quickly narrow.

Having teams that are self-aware, empowered, and skilled in recognizing potential hazards is the foundational element to building a strong company culture. 

Compliance Safety Training, Now

Construction and General Industry Safety Training

Maintaining compliance while developing your future workforce is no easy feat.  Globally, safety professionals are searching for budget-friendly, immersive training solutions that are innovative, interactive, and inspiring to engage their learners.

MVST courses are self-paced, eLearning content that includes virtual reality simulations and gamified content.  Each learning objective reflects environments and scenarios commonly found in the construction and general industry sectors. 

Seeing is Believing

The Power of Virtual Reality

Globally, companies spend billions annually on different types of training anticipating better results from their workforce. With traditional methods, most learners forget much of what they learned after just a few hours.

Immersive training utilizing VR Simulations has been statistically proven to positively impact attention spans leading to increased retention rates, engagement levels, and personal enjoyment during training sessions.

Supporting Your Training Requirements

An Effective Training Solution

Supports OSHA 10-Hour training

Courseware developed and approved by OSHA-certified instructors emphasizes critical safety events relevant to your industry.

All courseware can be easily customized to meet your needs.

Relevant VR Simulations

VR has become a standard tool in most industries to enhance workplace safety and upskill workers. Trainees get to learn through self-exploration of environments and scenarios reflective of real-life circumstances.

Learners can interact with the content with or without a VR headset.

Supports ILT and vILT Instruction

All courseware and simulations can be accessed for self-paced eLearning through our LMS or integrated into your own LMS or safety management system.

Instructors can also use the VR simulations & gamified content for face-to-face sessions or in virtual classroom settings.

VR Ready - When you are

No VR Headset? Not a Problem!

Immersive training that's accessible on desktop and mobile devices (iOS & Android)

NEW Courses Added Monthly

Safety Training Topics for
Construction and General Industry

Embracing Total Worker Safety™

Innovation Partners

With No Credit Card Required!

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Common Questions (FAQ)

Each MVST course is SCORM compliant to ensure ease of compatibility and integration into your Learning Management System (LMS). It only takes minutes!

We have you covered with our own secure LMS to assign MVST to your learners. Please contact us so we can learn more about your requirements!

No, and trainers love that every eLearning course can be used as a self-paced, instructor-led, or virtual instructor-led training aid.

We have currently launched more than 130 safety training courses. Our comprehensive course library consists of Full Courses, ranging from 15 to 20 minutes in duration, Short Sprint Courses that are approximately 7 to 10 minutes long, and Simulation Only modules. These modules last about 3 to 5 minutes.

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The simulations can be viewed on desktop (PC & Mac) and current mobile devices (iOS and Android) and for a more immersive experience support is offered for the Meta Quest 2 & 3 VR Headsets.

For the most current information check our support page:

Yes!  Feel free to mix and match eLearning courses to meet your training and budgetary needs. Please contact us for volume discounts and any other pricing questions!

Our team can help integrate the simulations directly into your existing eLearning courses, or develop a custom software application for any unique training needs.

Yes of course! Let’s collaborate to create something magical for you and your learners.

MVST supplements the OSHA certification for Construction and General Industry safety training. If you want to pair VR simulations with the Authorized OSHA 10-Hour course and DOL Card, please reach out to our partners at The Compliance Edge.