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360 Immersive partners with LMS Providers, Safety Training Consultants, and Safety Associations dedicated to creating a safer and more productive workplace.

Challenged by the Future of Training?

Is your organization facing new challenges in today’s content creation. Production that today requires a development team with advanced skillsets in not only eLearning but development incorporating VR, gamification, and UI/UX, for web, mobile and immersive technology hardware devices. This can be very daunting for many traditional LMS/LXPs. We can Help!

LMS Partners Find Value in Immersive Training

Easy Integration into LMS Platforms

It’s all about offering the hottest, most in-demand quality training content possible at a price point your clients can afford. 

Today’s eLearning that incorporates immersive technology and gamification into eLearning courses requires specialized software programming and skilled product designers. This can be very daunting for most traditional LMS/LXPs.  A partnership with 360 Immersive is a great cost-effective solution and provides an expedited go-to-market solution that can be easily implemented.

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MVST is the solution to grow your business

Safety Training Companies and Consultants

Leave the tech savviness to the professionals and stay in your genius! Find out how easy it is to supplement traditional face-to-face instructor-led training (iLT) or virtual instructor-led training (vILT) with VR simulations and gamified content.

Looking for a way to engage learners with a more experiential learning style that supports visual, auditory, and kinesthetic techniques? Searching for solutions that support a workforce that’s multi-generational, gender, and ethnically diverse?

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Add Value for your members

Associations and Non-Profits - Offer Immersive Training

If you aren’t providing value-added services to your members, then you won’t retain them for long. This is especially true for those non-profits that offer training and education to members. 

Now more than ever it’s necessary to ensure those old and outdated courses are refreshed.  Chances are, you don’t have the resource capacity and capabilities available to perform these duties in a timely manner.

Having a tech-savvy partner like 360 Immersive available to help upgrade your course offerings would help retain AND increase membership, further scale your business operations, and attract younger association members.  The best part is, it won’t cost you a thing to do it.  Click the button below to “Learn more”.

NEW Courses Added Monthly

Safety Training Topics for
Construction and General Industry

VR Ready - When you are

No VR Headset? Not a Problem!

Immersive training that's accessible on desktop and mobile devices (iOS & Android)

Supporting Your Training Requirements

An Effective Training Solution

Supports OSHA 10-Hour training certification

Courseware developed and approved by OSHA-certified instructors emphasizes critical safety events relevant to your industry.

All courseware can be easily customized to meet your needs.

Relevant Virtual Reality Simulations

VR has become a standard tool in most industries to enhance workplace safety and upskill workers. Trainees get to learn through self-exploration of environments and scenarios reflective of real-life circumstances.

Learners can interact with the content with or without a VR headset.

Supports ILT and vILT Instruction

All courseware and simulations can be accessed for self-paced eLearning through our LMS or integrated into your own training system.

Instructors can also use eLearning for face-to-face sessions or in a virtual classroom setting.