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New & Exciting

Become a part of an innovative and dynamic company that is recognized as industry leaders who collaborate to create business and personal success.

Immersive Training

Extend your creativity on the cutting edge of VR and gamification technology.


You belong here.  We view our colleagues as friends where everyone is personally and professionally successful.

We Are Human

Join a company and group of individuals with a humanitarian vision that fosters an understanding of our mission in the world

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We Innovate to Educate

Come work with our team to help shape the future of tomorrow’s workforce.  Our mission is to create immersive training solutions that support total worker safety.  We are here to solve the problem that compliance-based safety training sucks!  The primary reason we believe is because people can’t relate to the training, it is truly meaningless.  The training only focuses on regulations – what’s right, what’s wrong.

We see the opportunity to infuse virtual reality simulations into traditional training methods to help learners develop self-awareness, mindfulness, problem solving, and critical thinking skills.  This in turn creates more empowered human beings that embrace their personal well-being and the welfare of others at work, at home, and in our communities.

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We Are Free to Express Ourselves

We are reminded daily that the culture of our company is the foundational basis for success.  We proudly foster a culture of candor, autonomy, innovation, and collective responsibility.

Additionally, we are viewed as collaborative partners by our clients – an extension of their teams!  Much like our team, our clients are equally diverse with a variety of projects that will enhance your creative interests, sharpen your skills, and keep you on the leading edge of immersive technology.


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