Today’s Workforce is Desperate for New Training Solutions

Isn’t it about time you stop wasting resources on awful, outdated, and unrelatable safety training? We sure as heck think so!

We Are 360 Immersive

A passionate group of tech enthusiasts, storytellers, and innovators committed to creating immersive training solutions that help save lives. We are proud to be certified as an economically disadvantaged, woman-owned, veteran-owned small business. Service to others is in our DNA!

Why We Do,
What We Do

We believe that traditional safety training fails to meet the demands of today’s rapidly changing workforce.  Therefore, we decided to do something about it!

To collaborate with subject matter experts in the safety industry that have a similar enthusiasm, values, and beliefs that the old paradigm of “click-through” eLearning, vintage ’90s themed VHS videos, and yes…even DVDs are no longer acceptable training aids.

What Motivates Us

To create immersive training solutions that support total worker safety.

By working together, we will co-create safety training that moves beyond basic compliance to embrace the concept of Total Worker Safety™.

Our approach enhances the focus on the development of the entire human being – mind, body, soul.

We create experiences that capture the perspective of the worker to generate an emotional connection that increases engagement, retention, and enjoyment of training materials.

Who We Are
at the Core

Our values are on display and easily recognized in our decision-making processes, in the collaborative partners we engage with, and visible in the types of safety training courses we produce! We hire talented team members based on these core values which include:

20+ Years of Innovation

Headquartered in beautiful Boise, Idaho, our company was founded as a traditional marketing company back in 2001.

From the very beginning, we have stayed true to our passion for storytelling, the ability to quickly capture the audience’s attention, and our thirst for continuous innovation.  The roots of the company are intertwined with creativity and self-empowerment. 

Through co-creation, we are charting our own course to ensure any organization, regardless of its size, can easily access the best safety training possible – even if we have to give it away for FREE! 

Let's Create the Next Chapter of History Together!