VR Training Integration – LMS and Safety Management Systems


This is Breean, and this is David with 360 Immersive, and today, we’re gonna learn a little bit more about learning management systems and how those can be integrated with VR and AR training and learning technology. How can we take our existing learning management platforms, and then take virtual-reality enhancements and augmented-reality enhancements for training into those existing systems, so that they’re more streamlined and focused?

David: So, the interesting thing is is why is that important? And truly, why it’s important is that traditionally the way that VR and perhaps AR has been used in the classroom is that you have a presenter and he’s giving the presentation and at a point in time, he will literally say, “okay class and go ahead and pick up your set of goggles,” like we have here, and you go through a two, three, or four-minute scenario, and then they talk about it.

But the problem is is that we don’t have any way of gathering metrics or information about how well they did, where they were within that environment, or if it’s an online course and there isn’t a presenter, is self-paced, did they even put the goggle on? Did they even gain that information? So, our new integration platform allows us to literally communicate from our app to an LMS or a safety management program, and gather those metrics. Then you have ROI you can look over the long term, on how 100 or 1,000 learners did within the program. It’s hugely important, and it’s what everyone’s been asking for. They want to gather data with this new technology.

Breean: So, actionable metrics that you can actually look and see in real time or upon your specification. Is this technology and enhancing your training program? Are your learners getting out of it what you want them to get out of it or are they getting something out of it that is completely unexpected? We need that information and that data in order to, like you said, to measure that ROI. Are we getting what we want? Are the outcomes being achieved? So, that’s fantastic news, and I really look forward to seeing how this technology continues to improve.

David, thank you very much for your time again today, I always learn something every time I sit down.

If you have any questions about learning management systems and how those can be integrated with VR and AR for your training needs, feel free to shoot us a comment and definitely subscribe, so you can follow us and learn a little bit more every week. Thank you.

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