VR Simulation Vs Live 360 Video – A Safety Training Discussion

This is Ax and David from 360 Immersive.   Today we are going to discuss a topic that many of you have asked regarding Virtual Reality Training and that is….  What are the differences between 360-degree “Live Experience” training and VR Computer Simulation Training?

We all know the benefits of Immersive Training.   Let’s discuss the two general types of VR training and the Pros and Cons of each.

The commonalities between the two types of VR training:

  • They are both immersive
  • App, desktop, or eLearning implementation
  • Alternative endings, testing strategies, secondary content, integration into learning management systems or existing eLearning platforms
  • Embedded Assessments
  • Most importantly… They both significantly increase course engagement and learning retention

360-degree Live Experience Training

  • Pros
    • Real People
    • Uniforms
    • Process, Procedures, Tactics
    • Generally, a lower cost per minute of content
    • Document the Simulation Training that you are already doing
    • Easy process to change, adapt or modify content
    • uShareVR and what it is
  • Cons
    • Less Interactivity than CGI-based Simulation
    • Best Practices in Shooting (stabilization)

VR Computer Simulation Training

  • Pros
    • Create simulations that are too complicated, hazardous, or expensive to create in real life
    • VR simulation are generally more interactive, you can walk around, pick up thing, engage your environment
    • Creates a more “generic” environment that might be applicable across many situations, organizations, or agencies
    • Allows for MultiPlayer (Roles) Simulations
  • Cons
    • Generally, more expensive to create than 360 Live Experience content
    • More difficult and less flexible in changing, adapting, or modifying content
    • Takes longer to produce

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