VR Safety Training Using Just Your Phone

VR Safety Training Using Just Your Phone

Enjoy the video and read along with the exact transcript below:

David Cleverdon (CTO – 360immersive):

Hi, this is David from 360immersive. I’m glad you’re here. And you’re going to learn something today about our new Train360 VR app that’s available on iOS and android. So why would you need another app on your phone? And the answer is that this app gives you the ability to try virtual reality training by simply downloading the app and downloading the content.

Now, even if you don’t have a VR Goggle, you can actually get a feeling for immersive training just by looking at the phone and scanning around. For true immersion take a $30 phone-based headset, add your phone with the app and content and suddenly you can explore the world of virtual reality training and really feel the value of immersive technology.

So the app is designed to allow people to experiment, to allow people to see how VR training could be used within their organization to supplement their curriculum. So if you’re curious about this new technology and VR training, then look for it at the link below.

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