Virtual Reality – Enhancing Education and Training

What excites me the most about virtual reality technology is the application of using it for education and training.

Over the last two years, we’ve been creating content in a multitude of industries, anything from law enforcement, EMS, and fire, to medical, workplace safety, OSHA, and even hazmat.

The purpose of the app was to ensure that emergency response personnel access their ERG prior to initiating any contact with a hazardous spill. This technology is fantastic when there are multiple agencies working together to respond to an airline crash or a hazardous material spill. There’s an opportunity to film everything going on and then look for opportunities for better collaboration and process improvements.

For rural hospitals, we’re also capturing best practices for low-incidents, high-risk scenarios that may come along every now and then, for example, pediatric trauma training. We have one of the largest training facilities for wildland firefighting right here in our own backyard. And you want to talk about getting your heart pumping, this personnel are jumping out of airplanes and parachuting into raging forest fires, and we have found a way to better enhance their training using this technology.

We’ve had the pleasure of being able to work with our local and state law enforcement personnel capturing anything from taser best practices, DUI traffic stops, emergency vehicle operations, active-shooter training. What better way to showcase the technology then using that as a platform?

For instance, the Idaho State police now use a pit maneuver app that we created for them. Prior to using virtual reality as a training aid, they used to bang up the cars and have all kinds of damage. Every industry is going to be impacted by the use of virtual reality technology in their training and education programs.

It’s not a matter of if the industry is going to embrace virtual reality training; it’s a matter of when.

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