The Suit – Enhancing The User Experience In VR Safety Training


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So let’s talk about “the suit.”

But before we do, let’s talk what people look for when it comes to computer-based simulation. They all want that human element, and yet adding a human element to a computer simulation is time-consuming and sometimes it’s critiqued. It looks funny or that person doesn’t appear to move quite right. And that’s all depending on the skill of the animator, but the suit, “the suit” is a new piece of technology that we’re integrating into our workflow, where we literally we put on a suit.

We’ve heard in Hollywood about motion capture. You know, you imagine the suit with the little balls, a unitard with the little green balls attached to it, and it captures that realistic motion. And that’s what you see on Hollywood-level films.  Well, we’re actually taking a step beyond that, because our suit, instead of the little balls, it actually has sensors built into it. So, it understands exactly how one of our actors is moving to re-create a safety scene or re-create perhaps a realistic, human response to a forklift coming like this, and that technology is going to take us leaps and bounds forward in regards to the impact that VR simulation will have in the workforce, because it’s going to feel more realistic. It’s going to feel like the learner can relate to it better because it’s got people in it.   So, look for “the suit” in coming episodes.

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