The Insta360 One X – The Go-To Camera For VR Training

Breean: This is 360 Immersive! Today we’re going to learn a little bit more about an amazing camera that has been recently certified for use in our “Do It Together” program, called the Insta360 One X.   David, what’s unique and amazing about this camera?

David: Well, we’ve used a number of cameras that we’ve certified for the “Do It Together’ program. But, and in each one along the way has gotten better and better, but just before Christmas the Insta360 One X came out, and it has better internal stabilization so we can put it on a helmet. It has Flowstate technology, meaning that we are able to stitch the video together in a seamless, or an almost seamless environment, And it’s all for literally half of what the cameras were prior. It’s under $399. So, if you’re really looking into getting into our “Do It Together” program, and you want that piece of equipment that’s going to cost you less money and give you more, the Insta350 One X is your camera to take a look at.

Breean:  We have seen the content coming out of this camera, and it’s really high quality. It’s amazing stuff.  Well, David, thank you so much for giving us more information about what’s coming out and what we’re using today.  Reach out if you want to start a conversation, and we look forward to seeing you next time. This is 360 Immersive.

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