VR Device Management

360 Immersive Offers a Complete Enterprise Solution.

Enterprise-scale device management shouldn’t be a chore. Your time is valuable, and we understand how organizing, updating, and managing hardware can be a headache. The good news is that with our easy-to-use and comprehensive endpoint management platform, you can streamline the way you manage all users. The result is that you can save time, save money, and potentially save lives by getting back to what is important: keeping your employees trained and safe.

Why is device management important?

Device management helps you keep track of what your employees are learning, where they are in their training, and how they are using your equipment. Our device management solution keeps this process simple and easy to maintain by providing the following features to platform administrators:
  • Remote Device Lockdown to ensure devices are used for training purposes.
  • Location awareness: Keep track of where your devices are.
  • Software update management across all virtual reality devices.
  • Administrative level remote viewing from a computer browser.
  • The ability to gather metrics on user experience.
  • Simple LMS & Safety Management Integration.
  • Endpoint management that’s unified and simple to understand.

A Simplified and Accessible Management Interface

See Example Below