Content Creation

Choosing the right technology to enhance your learning objectives.

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Extended Reality, 360° Live Experience Video: Which one is right for you?


Curious whether VR or AR is better? Well, it depends.


Content Creation

We often receive inquiries asking our opinion on the subject of immersive technology and which form is better: Virtual or Augmented Reality or maybe 3D simulation?
Many times, after thoughtful consideration, the answer is, “It depends”.  It depends on your specific learning objectives and fully understanding what type of behavior you are looking to enforce.
Do you need your learners to be mentally transported to another location or environment that otherwise would be too expensive or dangerous to recreate? Or are you looking to train on equipment: how it operates, how to troubleshoot it, or how to respond if it malfunctions?

Our Process

The good news is that since 2001, we have been working with organizations to understand what type of training outcomes they want to achieve, and then deciding which technology to use that best supports their goals.
We specialize in creating microlearning training modules that are 2 to 5 minutes in length and easily integrate into traditional learning environments. Depending on the use case, we have the capabilities to recreate any type of environment or situation either in real life or in a virtual space to support your learning objectives.
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Understanding the Technology


AR/VR Simulations

Not sure which technology option to explore to supplement your training needs? No worries--we have the software development experience to not only create your simulation modules, but also help integrate them into your existing training curriculum.

  • Create a highly interactive and engaging training environment.
  • Demonstrate processes or outcomes that would be dangerous in real life.
  • Simulate training scenarios that are expensive or time consuming to portray in actual excercises.

360° Live Experiences

Looking for an affordable and more scalable approach to enhancing your training outcomes? Have video support in-house? We work with you to devise a plan that meets your organizational goals while maximizing your investment.

  • Creating 360° Live Experences is cost effective and easy to implement.
  • Capture your team members, processes, and procedures to train more effectively.
  • Distribute live experiences through desktop, mobile device, or VR Head-Mounted-Displays.

Computer Animation

Are you committed to refreshing your training curriculum, but not ready for immersive technology? That’s OK! We have decades of experience creating content that requires 2D/3D graphic design, character animation, and video special effects. Fortunately, all of these products are now developed on the same software platform as VR/AR simulations. We call this a modular design approach.

Simulations to meet every organizational and industry need.

  • Traditional 3D animation or Unity-based realtime 3D simulations
  • Easy conversion to AR and VR simulations
  • Ideal pathway for upgrading older training