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Breean:  Hello, this Breean; and this is David again, with 360 Immersive. One of our service offerings that we’re gonna talk to you about today is 3D Computer Simulation. And so, when a lot of us think of that, we’re imagining Pixar, or Finding Nemo, or a lot of things like that. But how are we able to use it for training and education?

David:  Well, we’ve actually been using 3D simulation for almost 20 years now. And the ability to take a process or procedure and demonstrate that using computer generation was back then a revolutionary step; now today, it’s a little bit more commonplace, but it still has some real value in the marketplace. For instance, we do a lot of oil and gas work, and we’re able to take a snapshot of a policy or procedure that goes on maybe three miles underneath the ground and demonstrate it. And demonstrate it from either a marketing standpoint, or more importantly, a training standpoint.

So, how are those interactions that go on, how do they reflect from training or marketing? And computer simulation gives you that snapshot into an area that you can’t see and it’s all computer-generated. And it’s a little different than traditional 2D animation that doesn’t necessarily give you that depth and that richness, and the ability to move around in the scene. 3D gives you all of that ability to explore so much more.

Breean: So, you’re able to see how things interact with each other, you’re able to understand a mechanism, a process, in a much more rich and visually interesting way.

David:  And meaningful way.

Breean:  And meaningful, absolutely. Well, if you’d like to learn any more about this service that we offer, or any of our other offerings, we encourage you to check-out our website, give us call, get in touch with us. This is 360 Immersive.

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