Curious How Virtual Reality VR Safety Training Can Improve Your ROI?

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Are You Curious About VR Safety Training For Your Organization?


Our VR platform can improve retention and engage learners through fully-immersive 360° environments.

Are you curious about the ROI of VR Safety Training Software?

Do you want to understand if VR safety training is something that you can bring into your organization?

Do you want to demonstrate to your boss why it’s important to embrace this new technology and the impact it will have on ROI and general safety levels in the company?

Do you want us to make your job easier?

Do you wonder how affordable and scalable virtual reality is as a method of safety training?

Maybe your safety training program has become a bit stagnant and you are repeating the same process (perhaps with the odd tweak here and there) yet expecting lower safety incidents, higher engagement, and greater retention…. Einstein said the definition of madness was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result - this is where we come in!

If you’re like most safety training managers, you JUST WANT TO DO A GOOD JOB but you're challenged with low retention rates, engagement rates, and you've got to do more with less. And, quite frankly, every time you turn around, your leadership team is asking “What's the return on the investment of this initiative?”

You want to save lives, make a difference, and show your boss how the right training solutions can show a return on investment.

Well guess what? Virtual reality safety training can get you the metrics and the return that you're looking for.

And how do we do that? We're simply getting BACK TO THE BASICS. And by getting back to the basics, we’re talking 2-5 minute VR safety training solutions.

Imagine a fully immersive 360 safety training experience where your employees step into a virtual world created to simulate the exact environment they work in every single day.

What does getting back to the basics in training look like?

  • keeping environments clean and free from clutter
  • always wearing PPE (fall protection, hard hat, safety glasses, etc.)
  • never working on energized equipment
  • understanding chemicals in the workplace (how to handle and store them and respond in case of a spill)
  • see something/say something (to include near misses, minor injuries, and unsafe behaviors)
  • basic hazard identification situational awareness

Are you also dealing with new recruits and new people entering the workforce? Or maybe you've got a workforce that's been in there for ten years or so, and they've just gotten complacent.

Even more common is having three, four, or even five generation in the workplace for the first time in history! Virtual reality is an easy way to bridge the generational gap.

Invest 30 minutes in a conversation with us and we will show you how virtual reality can make your job easier.

Click the button, and let's have a conversation to figure out if this technology could be a good fit within your organization.