Haptic Gloves – Innovation in the VR User Experience

Jennifer Lastra of 360 Immersive Discusses Virtual Reality as an Enhancement to Education and Training


For those of you who prefer reading an article to watching a YouTube video, we have included a full transcript of the discussion below.


Breean:       Hi, this is Breean, and this is David from 360 Immersive. And today, we’re going to talk about a little follow-up theme from “The Suit,” but today we’re going to be talking about, “The Glove.” And what I mean about the glove is that we’re all familiar with – I call them “Barbie hands,” but you may know it as a wooden hand. And those are the experience that we see when we know there should be fingers moving and things happening, but it’s just more like this action.     So, what are we working on and how can we improve that experience?

David:         So, we’re extremely excited that there’s new technology, new hardware coming down the pike, that’s going to allow us to be able to give a user experience that somebody can actually grab things. They can move their fingers. They can – no more Barbie hands!

Breean:       No more Barbie hands!

David:         No more wooden hands. That they can reach out, and, for instance, they can do a walk-out, tag-out, they can turn a valve, they can push a cart, they can lift something from an ergonomics training standpoint, all in virtual reality, all in CGI, and it’s that one missing component that we haven’t had that –

Breean:       Dexterity, articulation…

David:         I mean, it’s the hands. We all have hands, we wanna use them! So, the technology isn’t quite out yet. We’re expecting to see it shortly to the point that we’re going to have hands in all of our CGI experiences, and it’s going to take us up that next level in that usability of these training tools.

Breean:       Fantastic. Well, I’m just as excited about the Glove as I was about the Suit. As we’re going to continue to improve on the technology that we use to create really engaging virtual reality and augmented reality training and education experiences.   This has been 360 Immersive. If you have any questions or comments, let us know.

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