Device Management

Hello. This is Breean and this is David with 360 Immersive. Join us here when you want to learn more about virtual reality safety training technology.

So David, when we’re talking about hardware, what is enterprise device management? What does that mean to the regular person like me?

Well, to the regular person like you, maybe nothing. But, to enterprise client it means a lot, and let me give you an example. So, when we first started out four, almost five years ago, we were just worried about deploying one or two headsets in the training room. That’s all people did. And suddenly, it was 20. People would go out and buy 20 iPhone 6’s and pair them with some nice cardboard goggles. And then it’s suddenly 30, and then more. In fact, just a few months ago, Walmart for example, purchased 17,000 Oculus Go’s for their organization.   

Now, how do you manage these? And that’s the real question. That’s why we’re excited about our new service offering that actually helps people manage. You can update, you can install software, you can install apps, you can install training content, you can even see if the battery is charged, whether it is sitting in this facility or over here in this facility all from one centralized location.

The power of that is simplification for the organization because they can then manage whether it’s a VR headset, whether it’s a mixed reality, or what’s the new term is XR, extended reality. Even AR headsets. They can manage those from one centralized location in an efficient manner and they have control. And as you know in enterprise, control is everything.  

So, we’re excited about this new service offering. We’re excited about the ability to help our clients manage their hardware, their headsets, and the ability to deploy VR, AR, and XR.

Breean:  So, it’s an efficiency. It’s being able to know that the battery on one of these 17,000 devices is low without having them on a table in front of you in a storage room having to check each one by hand. That is amazing. What a really elegant way to solve a unique problem.

David:  And we can also check versions of software. We can track specific training modules. We have – I won’t say an unlimited degree of control – but we have control that is very important to an enterprise level. 

Breean:  All right. Thank you so much David for explaining that to us. Join us here at 360 Immersive when you want to learn more about how we’re keeping pace with the changes in technology.

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