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Hello. This is Breean, and this is David and we’re 360 Immersive.   Join us when you want to learn how we’re using virtual reality technology to change the way that people grow and live and train.

So, David, we want to talk about customer service today. And I know that that’s a word that we hear all the time, and usually it’s in a kind of pejorative sense, that we’re frustrated. I know for us that customer service isn’t just a department, it’s our company culture.   So, how do we go about making sure that our customers always have a great experience with our software?

David:   Well we start off with, we talk about customer service when it comes to actually in the consultation phase of the project. Because if they know where the project is going to go, how we’re going to take care of it, not only in planning it and going through the development stage, but what happens after? You know, how do you deal with – let’s say you have an iOS update for instance, it comes to mind. And suddenly the app breaks? Not from anything that we did, but because Apple updated their system.

So, we prepare for those things. We keep track of that and then we fix it. And we have system agreements that we fix it under that agreement, so that level of customer service goes well beyond the development of the production. But if you think about it, customer service is really like you say, it’s an attitude. We take care of our clients because of the fact that that’s what should be done. That’s what a vendor such as ourselves needs to have that relationship in conjunction with the clients.                               

And we can talk about well, there’s tech support, and there’s getting on the phone, there’s video tutorials, there’s all the things that we produce and create to make sure that the end experience is good and solid and meaningful. It can go into device management, which is a service offering that we’re hugely excited about. It can go into the aspect of – I’m going server support. All of these things come down to a fundamental aspect is that we take care of our customers. We take care of our clients, and that’s what it’s all about.

Breean:   Thank you. Thank you very much. Again, this has been 360 Immersive. If you have any curiosity about how we are going to take care of you as a customer, we would love for you take reach out to us and start the conversation.

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