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Breean:  Hello, this is Breean, and this is David with 360 Immersive. We’d like you to join us here whenever you want to learn more about what’s newest with virtual reality and safety training.  So, when we’re starting to learn more about technology, it’s easy to feel frustrated and overwhelmed. We know that we want to update our training program, but we don’t know where to start. So, we can feel apprehensive about reaching out because we feel like we need to be an expert.

So David, what is it that’s different about the way that we handle this that makes it easy to get into new technology?

David:   Well, one of our service offerings is we offer consultation. We help an organization to understand this new technology – how it can enhance their training programs and frankly the ins and outs. And, if you think about it, it is very much the same way that an organization that’s looking to build an office building would go to an architect.  That architect will help them craft what their needs are in that building. Then it’ll help lay it out and create a plan, and ultimately construction documents and maybe even in a design build application, actually build the building. And we operate in much the same way is that you’re dealing with understanding the organization’s needs, understanding their challenges. Maybe their challenges are to reduce injury and fatalities in the workplace. Maybe it’s a soft skills issue, and it’s more of a corporate environment. All of those things kind of go into the mix. 

And then, we start talking about well, is it an application for maybe 360 video? Or may be computer-generated simulation, VR simulation, because it’s a hazardous situation where we’re going to have a crane fall on somebody, and we want to simulate that. We want to simulate those exercises.  Or maybe it’s AR and that we’re taking the real-world environment and we’re overlaying information or graphics or animation or lessons learned within that environment. Or frankly, sometimes it’s just pure computer simulation that you would see on your computer, 3D simulation.   All of these things are discussed and then implementation and deployment. And then we get into learning management systems and safety management systems. We start talking about device management. If you deploy a thousand headsets across a large enterprise organization, how do you manage those? We cover all of those things, ultimately create a road map.

Breean:   Or a blueprint.

David:     A blueprint that helps a client understand where to go, what to do, the benefits that they’re going to receive, and an ultimate road map to success. And so, consultation is that first key component, but it is vitally important. 

Breean:   So, it sounds to me like the first step is us understanding what their needs are and then helping guide them through the process so they can stay the expert in their field, and we’re the expert in ours.

David:     That’s right. We like to think of us as a trusted resource.

Breean:   So, if you’d like to learn more about our consultation process, we would like to start the conversation with you. This has been 360 Immersive. Join us next time when you want to learn more.

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