Bringing VR Training To The Masses™ | Making VR Affordable!

Bringing VR Training to the Masses™ – Making VR Affordable

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David Cleverdon (CTO – 360immersive):

Bringing VR Training to the Masses™ – Making VR Affordable

Our goal is to create virtual reality training that is affordable and impactful for adult learners so that their knowledge retention and engagement go up with the ultimate goal of reducing injuries and saving lives.

We trademarked VR for the Masses™ because the thought behind the words is fundamental to our core mission, vision, and values, and our commitment to providing virtual reality training content that is affordable and accessible to almost anyone.

 So what does VR for the Masses™ mean? Well, it’s actually a slogan that we created to epitomize our inspiration for the technology and our commitment to putting VR training in the hands of as many people as possible because we know that the ultimate outcome will be driving fatalities and injuries to zero in the workplace.

So the idea is instead of having just a few organizations that can afford large budgets, you offer VR training modules for almost everybody through LMS and safety management providers. If you think about it… we’ve had standardized training for many years now and it works very well because as an example, ladder safety in a warehouse circumstance carries many if not all of the same learning objectives as ladder safety in a construction environment so why not apply the same concept to virtual reality training which keeps costs down and accessibility up.

So when you think about VR for the Masses™, think about us. When you think about virtual reality training and are curious about this new tool for the trainer’s toolbox, check the link below. We offer free 30-minute consultations to help understand your needs.

We want to find out about your organization and how VR training can maybe help. For additional information, you can always check out our website. There’s tons of information. I appreciate your time today. Thank you.

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