Augmented Reality Safety Training

Breean:  Hello, this Breean; and this is David with 360 Immersive. We’re talking to you about our different service offerings, and one of the most interesting and compelling ones that we offer is Augmented Reality. So, David, how can you really use Augmented Reality in terms of training or education? Now, I know I have Snapchat, a lot of us have an app on our phone that we’re experimenting and having a lot of fun with it, but how can we really use it to improve our workforce is able to operate?

David:  Well, if you think about any of the apps on your phone, they give you more information, they give you information that is – it’s so cool because it’s superimposed on the world around us, and we look through that window that’s our device—a phone, a tablet, or an AR goggle—and they give you – it can be entertainment, it can be we just watched the Apollo 11 moon landing in Augmented Reality, I can put it right on this table, how cool is that?

Breean:  And watch it happen.

David:   But more importantly, from a training standpoint, they give you more information based on a certain process, or policy, or procedure that you would be looking at a manual, or you might be looking at a video, and it’s actually superimposed on that device. And the difference is: it feels like it’s real because as you’re looking through that device, it pins it. Let’s say you wanted to take apart an engine, and you wanted to pull the manifold off, you could actually see that process ahead of time. You can look at torque ratios, you can look at all the things that are important to you for doing your job in this new technology, and you’re more efficient.

 You’re not only more efficient, but you feel like you’re really connected to that particular task. So, Augmented Reality, from our standpoint, is a great service offering from training, and it also has some wonderful abilities to promote a message in the marketing standpoint. When you’re talking about brands, you’re talking about products, you’re talking about all the things that we wanna get across to a consumer to understand why they should commit, how better to connect them but through Augmented Reality?

Breean:   Wow, so it sounds like there’s a lot of potential for Augmented Reality to use it in ways that maybe we didn’t think about using it before, you know?

David:  Exactly.

Breean:  Bringing the Apollo moon landing into the boardroom for instance, or being able to identify that 18th bolt that you just can’t find when you’re trying to take a manifold off. It you wanna learn more about this service offering, I encourage you to give us a call, check out our website, and check-out the rest of our videos on YouTube. This has been 360 Immersive.

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