We Live For VR

Creating VR software that keeps employees trained, educated, and safe is what we do!

Our Vision & Mission

By 2022, we will positively impact 1 million lives through the creation and deployment of immersive training experiences.

Through collaboration with subject matter experts, we will build a library of immersive experiences that are easily accessible for all users, from a single individual in a rural community to a large team spread around the world.

The potential for this technology is so profound that anyone, regardless of budget, location, or tech-savviness, will be able to benefit from the experience. We are committed to providing VR for the Masses©.

Our Story

We began our journey in creative storytelling in 2001 as a traditional training and marketing company. In 2014, we fully experienced the power of  VR technology as a tool to engage, enhance, and inspire more impactful ways of learning.

Today you will find us collaborating with instructional designers to develop VR microlearning simulations and software applications that bridge the skills gap inherently found in instructor-led and self-paced online learning environments.

Our passion is to support safety-conscious organizations with experiential training to advance today’s workforce. Immersive training allows employees and teams to practice, be proactive, and more confidently advocate for their personal safety and the safety of their peers.

Training topics include workplace safety, soft skills development, facility management, emergency response, mental health, accident reenactments, transportation, and disaster recovery.

Meet the Founders

360 Immersive - About

Jennifer Lastra - CEO

As a US Navy Veteran and certified Project Management Professional, Jennifer Lastra’s skills found a niche and co-founded 360immersive at a time when VR was on the cusp of a massive growth period.
360 Immersive - About

David Cleverdon - CTO

Since 1985, David Cleverdon has been providing innovative and engaging content for businesses. He merged his video and marketing prowess with VR technology to co-found 360immersive in 2014.

The 360immersive Team



Effective project management is the “secret sauce” of our software development. We take time to ensure all projects are scoped and in alignment with each clients’ expectations regarding budget, schedule, and adherence to the best quality management standards.



Before our products go live, they are put through a rigorous testing sequence on a wide range of devices by this team. Their goal is to “break it” before it is released. This testing ensures that learners enjoy interacting with our training, and their experience is seamless and fun!



You will not find a more passionate or dedicated group of UI/UX developers on the planet! Storytelling is part of their DNA; they love to push the boundaries of creativity, and have a knack for bringing our client’s vision to life!



This team is instrumental in creating immersive scenes and assets that bring life to VR training. They take great pride in creating interactive and exciting environments that truly maximize just how powerful this technology can be to change behaviors and cement a real-life safety culture.



360⁰ videographers are today’s modern storytellers! They get to create immersive experiences that allow viewers to actually “walk in someone else’s shoes.” Through the lens of VR camera systems, they work to dissolve cultural, language, and gender inequality barriers that hinder communication. How cool is that?



We believe VR sells itself! This mindset allows our team to focus on establishing mutually beneficial relationships. We only work with organizations where there is a genuine alignment of similar mission, vision, or values. We love to show off our technology, save lives, and be in service to others.