About Us

Saving Lives Through Immersive Technology.

At 360 Immersive, we create VR software that keeps employees trained, educated, and safe. Making this technology universally accessible is our primary goal.

Our Vision

We seek to positively impact 1 Million lives in education and training services by 2022. We will achieve this through building a diverse community of strategic partners who are willing to share their experiences, close-calls, and mistakes. To keep employees and companies safe, we will continue to build a library of immersive experiences easily accessible to all users--from a single individual in a rural community to a large team spread around the world--we seek to share this life-saving technology with everyone, regardless of size or location!

Our Mission

Our mission is to prevent both fatal and non-fatal injuries…one immersive training experience at a time. We will achieve this by educating organizations about the benefits of immersive training, demonstrate how the technology can be applied to their industry, and collaborate with experts to develop curriculum that fosters a culture of safety and enhanced situational awareness. This mission will save lives and impact how organizations attract, prepare, and retain tomorrow’s workforce.

Our Core Values and Beliefs : FACTS

We maintain our quality standards at all times
We encourage new ideas and risk taking from everyone involved on projects
We grow our service offerings through creativity, curiosity, and intelligent inquiry
We earn your trust through our actions
We improve the lives of your company, our communities, and everyone around us through our work

Our Core Values and Beliefs : PRIDE

We utilize technology to save lives and solve real-world social, cultural, and environmental issues
We have an unwavering commitment to do the right thing and hold one another accountable
We constantly strive for fiscal responsibility and stewardship of both our client’s and taxpayer’s investments in our company
We work with only the most reputable clients
We provide everyone with information to help them make sound decisions regarding personal well-being in the hope of improving our planet for future generations

Company History

Our company’s roots began in 2001 with the creation of DTX Creative (DTX), a traditional marketing and production company founded in Boise, Idaho. By integrating new technology and value into its offerings, DTX was able to establish long-lasting relationships with customers by delivering innovative solutions. In 2015, DTX began taking advantage of the commercial advancement of VR technology and launched 360 Immersive, LLC. Today, we still maintain an innovative spirit, but now focus our efforts on developing and producing virtual and augmented reality experiences that are used to engage, enhance, and inspire new ways of thinking in adult learners.

6 Reasons Why 360 Immersive is the Right Partner for You