VR Computer Simulation

Experiences that promote engagement and retention across a diverse workforce.

Our first-person VR simulations allow your employee to explore, interact with, and become immersed in realistic jobsite training scenarios.

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VR Computer simulation can enhance your training


Virtual Reality Training for Steel Manufacturing

VR simulations on steel mill safety promote important learning and onsite security. 360 Immersive's software can assist workers with how to correctly use protective gear, how to utilize safety corridors on the mill floor, maintenance of specific machinery via lock-out/tag-out, operational protocols for specific vehicles, and more. These VR scenarios are fully immersive and allow your employees to learn without the danger of injury or death.


VR OSHA Training for Construction Workers

OSHA compliance is important for avoiding injury and death in highly-dangerous work environments. Allowing workers to explore a VR ditch filled with water and electricity, for example, provides them with a valuable hands-on learning opportunity in which they can make mistakes, learn from those mistakes, and develop situational awareness that can save their life and the lives of those around them.

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VR that gets you up-close and personal with realistic training scenarios. Click here to find out more.