360° Live Experiences

First-person video-based experiences that fully engage and inform.

Our highly customizable 360° live video modules allow your employees to experience workplace learning exercises that are cost-effective and easy to integrate into your existing training curriculum.

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Check out some of our work below to see exactly how 360° live experience modules can enhance your training


VR for Motorcycle Safety Training

New and veteran motorcycle riders can benefit from computer-generated simulation experiences. By placing a prospective rider on the seat of a virtual motorcycle and introducing them to a variety of challenging riding environments--from wet roads to busy freeways--our system allows users the opportunity to hone their riding skills without the risk of accident or injury.

VR Corporate and Soft Skills Training

360° video can be utilized to teach essential skills and corporate compliance. With the ability to place a user directly in a virtual boardroom or office setting, users can practice workplace skills such as conflict resolution, gender sensitivity, and active listening. Additionally, many users can learn about policy regulations, compliance protocols, and workplace codes of conduct, all within a safe, immersive video environment.

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