Why Virtual Reality is the Future of Safety Training

Why Virtual Reality is the Future of Safety Training

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David Cleverdon (CTO – 360immersive):

What is it about safety training and training in general that’s so important to us? Well, number one, it increases productivity. Good training actually makes it safer on the job site, but here’s the challenge to it. We’re challenged by a culture today that’s driven by technology. A lot of safety training, and training in general, has switched over to eLearning or maybe live or virtual presenters that use PowerPoint.

The problem with that is we tend to lose our adult learners. Statistics say we spent over $70 billion in the United States for training, and yet statistically in certain industries, accident rates are going up. Fatalities are going up. In my opinion, it comes back to that we look too much to technology that’s not engaging.

People take a course that’s eLearning and it’s basically some pictures and some text and maybe a little bit of audio that’s supposed to convey a learning objective. It wouldn’t be so bad except we’re dealing with an hour or two hours of four hours, maybe eight hours in an OSHA30 course that people are subjected to this. Or a live presenter or virtual presenter that depends on PowerPoint and maybe their skills as a presenter aren’t exactly inspiring.

And so what do we do? We’re texting on our phones. We’re thinking about something else. We’re not engaged. And so, when it comes to this new technology called virtual reality, especially pertaining to the training industry, it allows us to engage adult learners by sprinkling in two to five minute VR simulations.

So, they actually feel like they’re within the content of the course. They’re experiencing it. They’re performing it. They’re doing it. They’re engaged. In fact, you put on a headset you can’t be not engaged – you can’t be on your phone texting or adding to your Facebook page. And what that really does is it gives us the opportunity to create more meaningful training.

Why talk about virtual reality training or specifically safety training? It’s because we need a new tool that will engage learners and ultimately make the workplace more productive or safer. So, if you’re curious, About how VR training can help your organization contact us.

Click this link to schedule a 30-minute call. It’s free. It’s just a discussion about your organization and how the technology can help if nothing else check our website because it has an amazing amount of information when it comes to the technology and how it applies to specific industries

VR training is a new tool. It’s that new tool for trainers and it will make an impact when it comes to accidents, fatalities, injuries in the workplace.

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