VR Education and Safety Training | Off The Shelf eLearning

VR Education and Safety Training | Off-The-Shelf eLearning

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Jennifer Lastra (Founder & CEO 360immersive):

– I’m Jennifer with 360 Immersive and today I have the pleasure of sitting here with Doug Shoemaker with BasicSafe. Today we’re gonna talk super briefly about virtual reality software and how its being used in training and education. Doug, what do you think about the stuff we’ve been talking about and been showing you?

Doug Shoemaker (BasicSafe):

– I think virtual reality and augmented reality are both really exciting topics for an industry that needs better engagement and needs a tool to take employee training to the next level.

– I love that. One of the benefits that we see with this technology, is the ability to make it far more affordable now, what does that mean to your clients when we talk about new technology and affordability?

– I think a lot of times, besides early adopters, it’s difficult for especially like manufactures and large organizations to jump on with something that has a perceived significant cost, whether or not it is and so being able to offer something that is affordable to those companies allows them to get a feel for technologies that they really need in their business.

– We’re most excited about is reducing those barriers to entry for organizations, right? So cost is a big piece of that, customization is a big piece too, right? So what do you think about having, off-the-shelf training that anybody could add right in whether it’s instructor-led or e-learning?

– I think the exciting thing about off-the-shelf training is one because it’s already created it does allow you to make it more affordable to those companies but it’s a really good first step for companies that wanna try something that is interactive for their employees, that don’t want to go all the way into a custom virtual reality arrangement or augmented reality content, which feels scary or, you know, it feels like there’s a lot more involved in it, and so having something that they can immediately pick up off-the-shelf so to speak, allows them to kinda test the waters.

– Yeah.

– Which is great for companies, especially larger organizations.

– So you guys have a safety management system. I mean, what about the ability to take these VR simulations and directly provide them to your client base through your safety management system? I mean, these can be compliant with SCORM and all those standards like what kind of value does that bring to your clients and to your business as a matter of fact?

– Yeah, it brings a ton of value to us to be able to take those to our clients and it kinda helps a company like ours to stand out in the industry if we can do that, but for our clients, it’s really helping the trainers the most, it’s giving them a way to immediately access tools that, I mean, I’m really big on engagement and I’m really big on, company culture and so tools like this the virtual reality or the more interactive sessions give the trainer something that allows them to influence the culture more and to be far more engaged with the employees, which is very valuable to those people and it gives them another tool which is the, it gives them data that they can then take to the higher-ups in their organization to say, “this is how much it’s helped us “just with a off the shelf kind of package “imagine what we could do with something costume.”

– Oh, I like that.

– Yeah.

– If you’re an organization that is interested in exploring the use case for virtual reality technology in training and education, we’d love an opportunity to connect, please click here so that we can get a 30-minute call scheduled. Thank you.

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