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A Library of Off-the-Shelf Virtual Reality [VR] Simulations that Integrate into Any Training or Curriculum

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Train360 offers a unique approach for Off-the-Shelf VR simulations designed for standalone presentations or LMS-driven deployment!

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How Can Train360 Help Your Organization?


Our VR platform can improve retention and engage learners through fully-immersive 360° environments.

Train360 offers a set of affordable solutions for organizations looking to supplement their existing training with VR simulations.

Interactive Visual Aids

Interactive aids that are engaging, immersive in nature, and designed for the live or virtual presenter
These visual aids can drop into any course to add content and context and increase engagement and retention. Below are some of the key benefits to the program:
  • Developed with the virtual or live presenter in mind
  • Links embedded in PowerPoint, web pages, or LMS integration
  • Windows, MacOS, ChromeOS
  • Upgrade path to self-guided modules
  • Simple to use and easy to implement
  • Designed for visualization, hazard ID, and situational awareness

Self-Guided Modules

These immersive modules are designed for self-guided courses, usually integrated with LMS, LXP, and Safety Management platforms.
These modules require no additional hardware and are simple to integrate and easy-to-use.
Best of all, the users have to stay engaged during the simulation, which leads to higher course retention.
Below are some of the key benefits to the program:
  • Developed for online, self-guided courses
  • Blends visual, logical, & physical interactivity
  • Links embed in PPT, web pages, & LMS integration
  • Windows, MacOS, ChromeOS
  • Upgrade path to immersive VR simulations
  • Simple to use and easy to implement
  • CMS, LMS, eLearning platforms, & standalone courseware

Immersive VR Simulations

At 360 Immersive, we are continually seeking qualified partners who want to utilize virtual reality as a part of their training program.
Whether you need to integrate VR into your current system, or you want to explore VR for the first time, we can assist you in learning about this exciting technology. Below are some of the ideal partners who can benefit from a partnership with us:
  • Highly interactive, reality-based, practice doing without risk
  • Supports all preferences to Increase retention, engagement, & productivity
  • VR headset optional, mobile smart devices, desktop, and web-based
  • xAPI & SCORM 1.2 compliant, android, iOS, Oculus, & other frameworks
  • Platform agnostic, publicly available, VR for the Masses©

Train360 - Product Grid

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