The Do-It-Together Program

Hello, this is Breean; and this is David with 360 Immersive. Join us when you wanna learn more about VR and how it’s transforming training and education. So, we want to talk today about the Do-It-Together Program.

David:  Right.

Breean:  And in recent videos, we’ve covered it a little bit, but we wanna go a little bit further in-depth to the benefits and who this applies to, who’s gonna be able to take advantage of this program?

David:  Well, let me tell you why – before we get into that, let me tell you why and what the program is. And the “why” of it is because there’s a need in the industry. VR, by all accounts, is a wonderful tool to be able to help people learn, to keep them engaged, to increase retention, to drive injuries and fatalities to zero. But the problem is, there’s not a lot of content; or if an organization needs content that is very specific to their –

Breean:   Their team, mm-hmm.

David:  – procedures, their processes, maybe their tactics, how do they create it?

Breean:   Mm-hmm.

David:  And in a cost-effective manner.

Breean:  Right.

David:  And the key to it is cost-effective. So, the Do-It-Together Program plays on the term “do-it-yourself.”

Breean:  Right.

David:    DIY.

Breean:  Yeah, mm-hmm.

David:  But we know that virtual reality—especially creating VR content—takes a lot of technology.

Breean:  And it can feel a little apprehensive about jumping into it, mm-hmm.

David:  Absolutely, but if an organization can take out their phone—person within that organization—and hit the little red button, and capture a video, kind of follow the instructions in an app, they can create 360-degree, live video content. And so, that freedom that technology gives someone to create VR content within their organization is a wonderful thing, but then, what do they do with it? They have it on the camera, but they need to process it, they need to be able to edit it, they need to get into an app, they need to get in like the uTrainVR app that creates a library of that content.

Breean:  Right.

David:  And that’s where we come in. So, the Do-It-Together process is: wherever they are, they capture the content; they tell us what they want within that content; ship it to us; we do the technology heavy-lifting: we do the editing, we make sure it’s just right, we basically, get it into their library app so they can use it in their training room and their classroom, and thus, we do it together. And the most important things is it’s extremely cost-effective to do it that way. We don’t have to fly to Cincinnati, or to Tallahassee, or to Seattle; they’re there, they’re set up already for their simulations.

Breean:  They’re already doing these trainings, doing these tactics.

David:  They are!

Breean:  These procedures,

David:  They just have to capture it. And guess what? We provide all the instructions, we provide hardware recommendations, we help them through the process to get from this point to a finished VR library in their training room.

Breean:  Like technology-enablers.

David:  Exactly!

Breean:   Empowering people to use their skills to create the trainings that they need.

David:  So, the Do-It-Together Program works hand-in-hand with the U Train VR platform, and it will allow organizations large—and very importantly—small, to create VR training content that they can use.

Breean:  Well, how empowering. You know, I’m thinking of a lot of organizations that could really benefit form personalized VR training, but they feel currently that it’s out of their league budget-wise, or time-wise, or even technology-wise. But this really closes that gap and gets that type of technology into the hands of a lot more people who need it.

David:  That’s right.

Breean:  All right, thank you very much. This has been 360 Immersive, join us if you wanna learn more.

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