Software Integration

Hi, this is Breean, and this is David with 360 Immersive. We love having you join us when you wanna learn more about immersive technology and how we’re using it to change the way we learn and grow.

So David, what is software integration in regards to virtual reality training content?

Well if you think about it, we all have to integrate the AR module in some way, and generally it’s usually a software platform. Now it might be a live presenter and he’s using PowerPoint. Well, you could just have the presenter say, “Everyone pick up your set of goggles and play this module.”

But a more elegant solution perhaps is to have a code key on PowerPoint, and everyone enters it in, and it automatically deploys that module. And then he goes along and next time everyone enters in 7-7-7 and it deploys that module, and it’s a more elegant solution than just saying, “Well, go out and find it.”

Breean:   Or stopping the presentation and –

David:     Absolutely. Now, in online, self-paced courses, it can work the same way or it can work in a more elegant fashion where we’re actually communicating with that online course – and I’m gonna get a little geeky – the via JSON, which is a language, a communication protocol actually – and it actually brings up the menu within the goggle and then you select that module because that’s what you’re supposed to do to receive that content, and you’re off and running.

So, when we talk about software integration, we’re really talking about to supplementing the AR content, the AR modules, into traditional training and how they work together to make a more engaging, more impactful, and ultimately to increase retention for that adult learner.

Breean:  Absolutely. Fantastic. So, then you’re gonna be able to use what you’re already using, and you know and enjoy and what we can expect but taking it to that next level with virtual reality modules. Absolutely. Wow.

Well, if you want to learn more about how we’re using this technology, make sure to follow us and we’d love to start a conversation with you if you have any questions.

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