Software Integration

A diverse workforce requires a universally-accessible training solution.

Having four different generations of employees in the workplace, each with their own vision, life experiences, and workplace expectations can make effective learning a challenge. Our VR training platform allows all of your employees—no matter their age, race, or language fluency—to learn by injecting VR-based training into your already-established instructional content.

Microlearning is the Key to Safety Training

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Microlearning is a significant new concept impacting the way we learn and train. Simply put, Microlearning engages learners by providing them with chunks of information in short, 3 to 5 minute segments, enabling them to understand and retain more information. How does this translate into VR training? We create VR modules that are concise, succinct, and on-topic that can be easily integrated into your PowerPoint or Captivate content, improving your learners' educational experience.

Live Presentations

PowerPoint has been the go-to software solution for sharing information for over 30 years. One of the advantages of PowerPoint is that it’s easy to use and highly customizable. The drawback? PowerPoint slides can be repetitive and data-heavy and can distract from learning due to poor layout or design factors. The unfortunate result is that a learner’s attention span may start to wander off after a short period of time, impacting engagement and retention. Microlearning-based VR lessons can help mitigate these problems by breaking up learning into moments that are fun, interactive, and short enough to promote retention.

Online Self-Paced Courses

For businesses that use self-paced training programs, Adobe Captivate is one of the best software options available, and it’s obvious why: Captivate features wide compatibility with most media, from PDFs to SCORM-compliant content. Captivate additionally allows users to track their learning through an intuitive dashboard while allowing system administrators the chance to monitor each learner’s progress. Our VR content can further enrich your Captivate lessons by allowing a user to explore, in an immersively rich 3D environment, training modules that inform, delight, and offer easy-to-digest bits of information that will enhance their overall experience.

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Explore Microlearning with VR Training Modules

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