Quality Assurance

Building consumer trust by consistently being consistent.

Top-performing organizations adhere to industry-specific quality standards, and our business is no different. Ensuring the highest quality for every project we develop takes more than just frequent testing during production.

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We measure our success based on how well we listen to our customers' needs. We follow project management best practices and integrate quality assurance into development to ensure our products are delivered on time, within budget, and consistent with quality standards.

Concept Development

Our development process begins with a candid discussion about the training problems you want to solve or an opportunity you wish to exploit. Together we will develop a rough project idea for your app that includes an estimate of development time, cost, and the impact it will have on your team. We will only move forward to the next step if you believe you will generate adequate value for your organization and return on your investment.


The outcome of the planning phase is a signed contract with the project deliverables finalized. The next step is to generate a scope document that clearly outlines the tasks necessary to meet the project goals and objectives. Key factors for success at this phase include a granular cost estimate, agreement about quality expectations for the final project, access to key resources and experts within your organization, and a reasonable timeline to accomplish each task.


All team members working on a or with the project gather for a kickoff meeting to discuss the scope of the project, schedule, budget, and quality expectations. With the parameters in place, the design team begins working on the first of several key milestone reviews with you and your team.

Monitor & Control

All hours worked in support of your project are accounted for on a daily basis and provided to you for review with your monthly billing statement. At any time throughout the execution of the project, you may ask to have a quality review of your project to ensure everything is on track. Should your project experience a delay or risk of not meeting any of the standards previously discussed, you will be notified immediately. A recovery plan will be discussed, and permission to move ahead will be agreed upon. As you can see, transparency and open communication are key in this phase of the project.

Project Close Out

This phase represents the completed project. Tasks leading up to this phase involve several rounds of quality assurance testing of your app. Like the initial kickoff meeting and depending on how your project is deployed into your organization, this is the phase where the most communication and reviewes are shared with support from you and your team. A seamless integration of your app is our top priority throughout this entire process.

Maintenance & Support

Just because we successfully deliver your app doesn’t mean our support for it ends! We provide peace of mind and a lifetime guarantee on software bug fixes plus two years of free maintenance on every app delivered. Some apps break due to no fault of our own, yet we will be there to resolve the issue. As an additional service offering, we provide security and app performance reviews.

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We understand the importance of quality In our work

We continuously strive to provide quality work, services, and products that meet or exceed the expectations and requirements of our clients and to constantly improve our work practices and procedures.

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