Immersive Training Can Help!

Are you ready to learn about the future of training?

360 Immersive can help your company become a safer environment using software that is effective, immersive, and universally accessible.

Effective training can be challenging

Every business struggles with workplace safety. A quickly expanding and widely diverse workforce is more likely to suffer a higher percentage of workplace accidents, injuries, and worse. And while older employees are accustomed to learning through training films on the television with pen-and-paper quizzes, others engage through interactive systems on a computer screen or smart device. It can be genuinely challenging to find an affordable and effective solution to meet the needs of so many different employees due to:
  • Lack of engagement
  • Low retention for critical learning objectives
  • 4 generations in the workforce, each with its own leaning style
  • A diverse workforce struggling with language fluency
  • Standby training aids like PowerPoint no longer meet the needs of a changing population
  • The ability to access traditional exercises or simulations by a number of the workforce
  • High cost of insurance or liability issues due to accidents or fatalities

Integrating immersive training is simple and direct

The 360 Immersive development workflow is straightforward and involves the client through the entire process. After our initial meeting, we immediately start developing a custom-made solution for your safety training issues using the following roadmap:
  • 1.) Develop a concise plan through consultation
  • 2.) Initiate a pilot project within your organization
  • 3.) Software and live presentation integration
  • 4.) LMS and Safety Management linkage
  • 5.) VR Device Administration
  • 6.) Gather metrics and user experience
  • 7.) Roll out to a broader audience

The benefits of immersive training are lasting solutions to your training needs

Our immersive software solutions offer many features and benefits that will make workplace training widely accessible and affordable, and will keep your employees safe. These advantages include:
  • More engaged learners = higher retention
  • Better retention = a safer work environment
  • Lower injuries and fatalities
  • Lower insurance and libility costs
  • Increased training engagement across your entire workforce
  • A happier, better-trained workforce that will maintain long-term employment