Integrating VR Into Safety Training

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David Cleverdon (CTO – 360immersive):

And when you get people excited, they’re going to retain the information for a longer period of time and create a more productive and safer workplace.

Why Integrate VR training into your typical safety curriculum? Well, we have learned in the last few years that the answer is absolutely… yes! Traditional training, especially safety training is challenged by the fact that adult learners are not engaged, they do not retain the information to keep themselves and their coworkers safe in the workplace. That’s the fundamental reason why in many industries accident and fatality rates are actually on the rise even though as of 2018 we spent more than $86 billion on workplace training.

I mean, we hear terms like death by PowerPoint. And we listen to behaviors that create comments like: I’ll just kind of click through the course. I’ll get it done, I’ve checked the box. I will absolutely check the box. You can see that I finished it. But the question to be asked is… what did I learn as an adult learner? What information have I taken away that can make for a more productive and safer workplace?

So VR came into the market on a consumer/prosumer and then commercial level about five years ago. At 360immersive we saw that the value of the technology where we could engage people in a way that wasn’t possible. Yes, there’s virtual reality training that’s been around for decades in the military, the aviation industry, and the medical field to a certain extent, and we can gain some data from those experiences.  But it’s never been affordable.

So… how do you make this new tool, this new technology affordable so that everybody can use it and everybody can benefit from it? It comes back to the main focus of 360in immersive which is to create VR training content for better engagement, better retention we want to get everybody excited about training. An adult learner asked to take a course, maybe it’s a refresher course, and they’re excited because they get to engage in a new way and that’s using virtual reality.

VR doesn’t necessarily have to be deployed through a set of goggles like this. We can actually use an immersive environment such as a WebGL setting, so you can deploy it on the existing hardware in a classroom which is usually presented on the PCs. Or you can hold up on a tablet and spin around and engage the content like so, but the fundamental benefit of virtual reality is that when you interact with the content when you’re immersed in the content, you get people excited.

And when you get people excited, they’re going to retain the information for a longer period of time and for a more productive workplace… and also a safer workplace. So the real reason to integrate VR into safety training is that it’s a new tool in a trainer’s toolbox that will increase engagement, and retention for the adult learner.

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