Create Your Own
VR Training

An Affordable Program Designed to Support Your Organization in Creating VR Training Simulations That Integrate into Your Existing Curriculum

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Create360 Offers a Unique Approach for Organizations Looking to Create VR Training Based on an Affordable and Easy-to-Use Platform!

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How Can the Create360 Program Help Your Organization?


Our VR platform can improve retention and engage learners through fully-immersive 360° environments.

Create360 offers the support, processing, and deployment to make creating your own VR training not only possible but practical!

The Create360 Program

An affordable program that is simple-to-use and easy to implement
It takes the "technology" demands out of VR content creation
You shoot your existing training simulations & exercises and sent us the footage
We support you in the processing, editing, interactivity, and deployment of the finished exercises to your classroom
Below are some of the key benefits to the program:
  • Develop content for live presenters or online, self-guided courses
  • Create simulations based on your people, processes, and procedures
  • You shoot the content, we process, edit, and distribute to your content library
  • Your VR content library can be viewed on desktop, mobile, or VR headsets
  • Interactive 360° video simulations support hazard ID, testing, branching, & alternative endings
  • Upgrade path to immersive computer-based VR simulations for consequence training
  • We support you in the content creation process with three levels of support
  • The platform is simple to use and easy to implement
  • LMS, LXP, & Safety Management integration based on SCORM 1.2 compliance