Common Questions Asked by Safety Trainers About VR Training

Most Common VR Training Questions Asked by Safety Managers

Enjoy the video and read along with the exact transcript below:

JennyQ (Host & CMO 360immersive):

– When you get phone calls from safety trainers, what are the most common questions that they ask you?

Jennifer Lastra (Founder & CEO 360immersive):

– Some of the calls that I’m getting from trainers are they want to create specific content to address an increase in OSHA recordable incidents. And so some of that is very problematic for them, and they’re looking for an immediate solution. Others have new higher orientation programs that they’re trying to build out and make more robust, and so they’re looking for ways that they can create virtual experiences and then distribute them across a multitude of geographic locations. Others are looking to buildout their safety training power point presentations, and are looking for some microtraining sessions that are very unique to particular equipment that they have, and so they’re looking for some custom work there. Then there’s others who are saying, “Hey, I’m just looking for,” you know from the construction site, “I’m just looking for Fatal Four scenarios.” Or, “Hey, we really like supplemental content “for our OSHA 10 or OSHA 30 instructors, “do you have something off the shelf “that we can easily drop in to, either instructor-led “or eLearning courses?” So those are the most common inquires that we’re receiving right now.

– And are you able to address every one of those within your organization?

– Oh sure, yeah. And again, getting back to the basics, some of them are all about properly inspecting equipment, more generalized training like lockout/tagout, so electrical safety, fall prevention. You know, we’re moving beyond fall protection to creating content that is more focused on fall prevention, and that’s kind of taking that proactive approach to safety which is really exciting and seeing that play out in training and education right now.

– Very good. Now I’m curious, ’cause this is where I go, are you getting any questions about what is the ROI of investing in virtual reality safety training?

– We do get calls about return on investment for safety training, and this is what I typically tell organizations, If you looking to create some custom content, you wanna be able to recoup your investment, I would say, somewhere between three, six and nine months. And what I mean by that is you’re figuring out a very particular scenario that’s happening within your organization that this training modules that are being created are going to directly have an immediate impact on, and so that you can recoup those expenses sooner rather than later. I mean, that’s just being diligent and being fiscally responsible for a lot of organizations. And so, you know, weighing the cost of creating a pilot project, like I said, you really wanna be able to recoup those expenses within three, six or nine months depending on the severity and the complexity of the problem.

– Okay, very good. Thank you.

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