DTX Creative to 360 Immersive

DTX Creative to 360 Immersive

Enjoy the video and read along with the exact transcript below:

David Cleverdon (CTO – 360immersive):

 We’re a 20-year-old company that was originally named DTX creative.  DTX did training content, marketing projects, and trade show support. We developed apps, developed websites, and video content with a focus on training and marketing.  Five years ago in December 2014, we discovered that there was a commercial application for virtual reality or what has become simply VR.

As DTX, we were excited about anything that we could bring to our clients that would differentiate themselves in the market or do a better job when it comes to training and making the workplace safer. So we explored that potential. In fact, we got so excited about this new technology that places you in the middle of a training simulation, or perhaps a marketing exercise because it was different than just watching a video or watching some images or maybe watching a PowerPoint.

In 2016, we actually rebranded the company to follow this new technology from DTX Creative to 360immersive. We felt that we could apply our 20 years of storytelling and content development to this new technology for the betterment of our clients both on the marketing and training sides of the coin.  We ultimately focused on creating very affordable VR training which could apply to a broad audience in both the safety and workforce development industries.

We like the idea and the concept so much we trademarked “VR for the Masses™” in the creation of VR training products that anybody can use, anybody can afford, and everyone can benefit from.

If you look at our mission and vision you will see an underlying focus on producing training content that can help save lives and reduce injuries and this is what is important to the company not only today but also into the future.  

We want to create a future where not only large organizations with substantial budgets can afford VR technology but really anyone with the desire to implement the technology into their training curriculum can enjoy its benefits. So if you looking for a single word that we like to apply to VR training it’s the word affordable.

If you’re interested in how DTX creative over a 20-year span of innovation and bringing new technology to our clients evolved into 360immersive it’s because we found a new technology that we were so inspired by that we literally changed our company and brand name to follow our passion for a new and affordable way to train.

So, we hope you enjoyed a quick glimpse into the history of DTX Creative and how it become 360immersive? If you’d like to learn more click on the button below. We’d be happy to schedule a 30-minute call just to talk about the needs of your organization and how it might apply to this new technology.

You can always check our website for further information on virtual reality training technology! I appreciate your time. Thank you.

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