360immersive – VR Bash 2016 – Headset Giveaway

Interview Transcription

Jennifer Lastra: Hi, I’m Jennifer Lastra with 360 Immersive. I’m here with Dave Marczak from Centronex, and today we’re going to have a quick conversation about the Boise VR Bash, which is where Dave and I met. He is a proud new owner of a BOBOVR. So, Dave, tell me a little bit about what got you to come attend the VR Bash.

Dave Marczak: Yeah. Well, I heard about it about a month ago through Jessica over at the Idaho Virtual Reality Council, and originally from Ryan DeLuca at Black Box. I’ve known Ryan for about 12 years or so. And our company, Centronex, we’re in the security business, and so I’ve shared ideas of what we’ve been doing over the years with Ryan from his time back at Bodybuilding. And after he took a little hiatus and started Black Box and then the Idaho Virtual Reality Council, and then the event that they put on where we met, our CEO from Centronex was in town. We were doing a presentation at the Ada County sheriff’s office last Friday. So, he came in last Tuesday and we attended the event on Wednesday evening and just wanted to see what was going on, what’s happening with this new technology. Of course, we’ve been focused with advanced technologies for years – myself personally and our team at Centronex. Charlie, our CEO, is an ex-F14 fighter pilot. So, virtual reality and the training that they’ve had going back… I don’t want to say how many years, but, a few years. And it’s very interesting and, of course, a lot of us have seen the statistics on the revenue that’s looking to be generated through VR in the next few years, really, by 2020. Plus, a $100 billion market. So, that certainly creates interest from people in a lot of areas. So, yeah. We enjoyed it and it was a pleasure meeting you; and I was surprised to get a phone call a couple of days ago, so thank you.

Jennifer Lastra: You are the proud new winner of this headset.

Dave Marczak: Yes. That’s great! This is a family win. We have three kids, Marissa, Matthew and Mitchell, who are 13, 11 and 9, and they’re looking forward to getting their hands on it, so we’re excited about it, and thank you.

Jennifer Lastra: Yeah. You bet. So, this is a really slick headset right here. Very simple. You’ll take the audio jack and just plug it into the bottom of your phone and it will take any mobile device that’s relatively recent. So, iOS or Android – doesn’t matter. You just kind of slide that sucker right in there and snap it in, and then, we’ll get you links to lots of good content including our YouTube channel that has a lot of virtual reality content as well. And then, you just kind of go with it. So, it’s a slick device; we’re really excited. I’ll give you a little bit more training when we go back into the office.

Dave Marczak: Thank you. I looked online; I pulled up a YouTube video and looked at it. Someone was demoing it, so yeah. I’m vaguely familiar and looking around to play around with it.

Jennifer Lastra: Absolutely. You and a whole lot of people out there, I hope, are excited about the technology. I think at the Boise VR Bash, they might have had upwards, I think Jess said, maybe up to 700 people, which is absolutely just a positive turnout for the community because the more our community engages with the technology, the it’s better for the whole industry at large. So, we’re nothing but excited about the future of technology.

Dave Marczak: And you should be. It was great. It was crowded and I was amazed when we came down, turned the corner and I saw the line. And I was even texting a few people. I sent out an SOS, and said, “Can you help get me in sooner?” So, yeah, it was great. There were some interesting things, very informative. With Charlie’s background at Boeing, there were various entities there showing how you can immerse yourself, if you will, in an airplane configuration. So, there’s some neat stuff. And I know everything that you guys are doing with law enforcement, as well as the university, is critical. And that’s where our company comes in as well where we can create a strategic alliance with the technologies we have. We work with a lot of patriots and we’re here to help support safety in the community and through the state of Idaho and, of course, the whole country. So, any technology this advanced that we can use is going to just play a key role in keeping citizens safe and helping law enforcement.

Jennifer Lastra: Well. Centronex is doing some absolutely fantastic stuff with artificial intelligence and really high-end technology. I say we get out of here and go sit down and talk a little bit more about it

Dave Marczak: Sure, because I could talk all day.

Jennifer Lastra: I know! Congratulations on the headset.

Dave Marczak: Great. Thank you! Thank you very much. We appreciate it and thanks for your time. This was great. Thank you.

Jennifer Lastra: Perfect. So, until next time, thanks a lot, everybody. Take care.

Dave Marczak: Thank you.

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